Monday, January 10, 2011

Beyond Criminal Acts in Arizona and America

First of all let me say, my heart and prayers go out to Congresswoman Gifford and her family as well as the families of Judge John Roll, Christina Green and the other victims of this senseless and heinous act in Arizona.  My concern however, is that we are completely overshadowing this tragedy with the perpetuation of political agendas and blaming of certain people, parties and politics!!!  How must these families feel when people all over this country seem more concerned with assigning blame to Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, guns and other issues that have NOTHING to do with the FACT that a mentally unstable adult acted on his own according to his own twisted sense of justice or righteousness and KILLED 6 human beings and injured 13 more a few days ago!!   Have we truly become so divisive and partisan in this country that we are not even focused on how those directly involved and victimized by this crime are feeling or what they are going through??

I will admit that I believe that the Pima County sheriff reporting on this event has gone WAY beyond the boundaries of impartiality that a law enforcement official should maintain!  It amazes me that all the references to Tea Party patriots and Sarah Palin have been made in relation to this UNCONNECTED attack, especially when there has been reported that 300 threats were made to Federal Justice Roll after his decision regarding illegal immigration and he had to have 24 hour security for a month - and yet this fact has barely been mentioned by the liberal media or representatives!  I also am concerned that this "suspect" has retained a "heavy hitter" (Judy Clark, who defended the OKC bomber, Timothy McVay, etc) for legal representation and how that has come about exactly...? Some people are even trying to connect this kid with The Tea Party, yet one of his favorite reads is "The Communist Manifesto" and an "altar" or "shrine" has been found in his backyard with a replica of a human skull and satanic symbols!  

However, it is my opinion that all this needs to stop (at least for now) and those who insist on using this tragic event as a platform for their political ideologies and rhetoric should NOT be given air time on TV or talk radio!!  Let's get back to the real issue and that is the fact that there are families mourning and dealing with loss and people praying for their loved one's recovery right now!!!  Screw the politics!

Who is the real criminal here? The man who walked up and fired at least 31 rounds into an unsuspecting crowd in a parking lot on a Saturday morning, brutally killing 6 of our fellow Americans and wounding many more... or the conservatives and guns, etc. (as the progressives would have us believe)... or is it possibly the ones who are making this into an even more tragic event as well??  We must be better than this, People!!!  Aren't we??

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