Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“America’s Most Amazingly Energized Woman!” NominationCentrum and Molly Shannon

My daughter, Krystiana Miller, definitely is the Most Amazingly Energetic, positive, uplifting, loving, fun, capable and strong-spirited woman I know. At 23, with 2 toddlers (Elijah, 3 1/2; Adriana, 18 months) who are bright, precocious and ALWAYS "on-the-move", she is married to a ("Hard Rock") Miner and due to the nature of his job, has lived in 7 states in 4 years! One way or another, Krystiana manages to pack up her home and family with as little as 24hr notice, find and set-up "house", acclimate herself in a strange city, juggle the demands of motherhood, homemaker and wife; stays in daily contact with Mom; makes sure kids are happy, healthy, safe, stimulated and engaged while she enthusiastically is ready to tackle more and still creates a loving, secure, happy, well-adjusted and spiritually centered home for her family; which enables Casey to provide for his family, confident that Krystiana has the rest handled. She is entering the 2011 Nursing Program and looks forward to continuing her love of cooking, rigorous exercise regime & schedule, interest in photography, interior design and fashion, as well as her role as wonderful mother and incredibly capable wife! Her brilliance, never-ending energy and positive "git-er-done" attitude constantly amazes, inspires and exhausts me! :) I believe that her strong sense of self, abiding faith, insight, empathetic heart, traditional values, ultra-organized and independent nature, as well as living an active lifestyle, maintaining good health with proper nutrition, vitamins and exercise, laughing often, giving of herself to others, a natural curiosity and desire to learn and grow and creating balance in her life are all things that contribute to her ability to be the inspiring and powerful "force" that she undoubtedly is! I couldn't be more proud of her!!
Help us find “America’s Most Amazingly Energized Woman!” Centrum and Molly Shannon invite you to nominate an amazingly energized woman in your life by visiting LoveFeelingHealthy.com. She could win dozens of exciting adventures! ** Be sure to check site on January 17th, 2011 and VOTE for Krystiana Miller if/when she is a "finalist"!! :) Thank you very much!!**
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