Monday, November 29, 2010

Megan McCormick in The River Journal - Love Notes

I had the rare experience and opportunity to live in a small community in North Idaho for several years, in a town named Athol. During that time I got to know and became friends with a number of people, many of which have been mentioned in the article below. Megan McCormick was a young girl at the time and attended school at Athol Elementary with my 3 children and her and my daughter, Krystiana often spent time together. As it is impossible to live in Athol and not become acquainted with most everyone, we got to know many of the families that have had deep roots in this area (and all over the panhandle) for many years... I don't think anyone who has spent time there can forget The Bells, The McCormicks, The Moores, The Wootens, The Upchurch Family and many others! (I certainly won't!) I must say, I was constantly amazed at the amount of true raw talent that I saw in these people in this very small town. It is the most common and ordinary thing to spend an evening in front of someone's bonfire or in a living room or garage or at a "Cousins Campsite" listening to the warm and friendly sounds of guitars and mingled voices! Megan truly does come from a LONG line of accomplished musicians on both sides of her family and I know they must certainly be so very proud of her!! I think it is a beautiful thing that she not only has achieved such success, but that she remains TRUE to those roots!! It should inspire us all to have a dream, work hard and GO FOR IT!!! I am looking forward to seeing the heights that she, and others from the Pacific Northwest as well, will soar to! YOU GO MEGAN!!!! :)

Please read the following article from The River Journal about a truly amazing musical talent and a friend of mine, Megan McCormick. She is going to be a "household name" before long and you will most definitely be inspired when you hear her story...

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