Saturday, September 14, 2013


"You can't handle the truth...!"                (OH YEAH.... TRY ME!!!!!!)

This sure seems to be the way our government operates of late (especially)...  While sound  bytes such as "need for transparency" are thrown around like wrapping paper on Christmas morning, we are spoon-fed "the news" by the major media with all kinds of hidden agendas and "special interests", lied to by our elected officials and flat out IGNORED when we demand answers about operations that affect the way we live and the security of our very existance within the borders of our beloved country and as human beings in general!!  People like Edward Snowden are villified and accused of treason for being brave and fed up enough to risk their lives to expose the truth! 

Are we stupid? Are we so reactionary and immature as a whole that we will panic and cause pandemonium if we were privy to what actions are being taken by our federal government and the reasons for them?  Do we not deserve to know the truth if it could affect our daily lives and the choices we make? Or is there in fact something far more sinister at work???  Is our government actually eavesdropping into every aspect of our communications because they FEAR us or want to PROTECT us??  I, for one, feel strongly that only I can truly determine what is best for me and need full disclosure to be properly prepared to make appropriate choices in my own life!!  

How many of you have felt betrayed by a loved one when they have kept from you some pertinent detail that may have caused you to act in a different manner or feel differently about something??  I sure have...  I say I would much rather be "hurt with the truth, rather than comforted with a lie"!!!  We are constantly being told that there are things that "in the interest of national security" that must be withheld from us...  which if we are talking about military strategy or specifics of deployment or the identity of our special ops soldiers who are taking actions to secure our safety and ability to remain free, then I agree, these details should not be broadcast to the world - Yet they are!! 

But, when we demand an accounting for how atrocities such as Bengazi, 9/11, etc. happened and what is being done about it or we want to see actual documentation that would prove once and for all our own president's eligibility to BE president and put our worries to rest that he may in fact be a liar, traitor and be acting in a subversive manner to harm this country and as a result each and every one of us... When we want to know how much of our daily communications are being monitored and to what purpose or want the bottom line in regards to legislation such as "Obamacare" or "Quantative Easing"... we are brushed off as if we mean nothing and have no business knowing such complicated and detailed  information! Yet, we are obviously credited with wisdom and insight enough to still vote for these same politicians who seem to think we are unfit for "full disclosure"!!

The greatest tool and weapon ANYONE can arm themselves with, is KNOWLEDGE!  It is said, "Knowledge is Power", so is it that the bottom line here is that our government DOES NOT want it's own citizens to be EMPOWERED?????  And if that IS the case, WHY??  What is it that they would fear from US?  If we do not start making them accountable, truly holding their "FEET TO THE FIRE" and reminding THEM who it is they work for..... You and I, then I hate to think where we are headed!!  We simply need to look back at history to see that every great nation is destined to fall when it's government gets overinflated, bloated and arrogant and when it ceases to serve it's people!!

So, while some of you may think that alot of what I post for example is "conspiracy theory" or like a friend recently said to me, "never gonna happen", there is much to substantiate the need for further inspection at the least, and most definitely a demand for The Truth and Full Disclosure by our officials about things like FEMA, Homeland Security, the IRS and Federal Reserve, HAARP, DARPA, etc. Do not be so quick to deny the very real possibility that our own government as a whole is NOT working in our best interests.... That would be NAIVE and IGNORANT and a very careless attitude to take at this juncture, in my opinion... But you have to decide for yourself - What is your freedom worth to YOU? How much time can you spare to do some research and actually ponder the current state this country is in??  Is it worth giving up a few evenings out, refraining from watching this weeks episode of "Sons of Anarchy" or whatever mindless drivel you veg out to in front of the T.V.? Is it worth having your friends roll their eyes at you when you begin to ask questions or discuss the possibility of weather manipulation, FEMA (internment) camps and how soon our dollar will collapse??  IT IS TO ME!!!

Please, keep in mind that these people we have elected to represent us are NOT Gods, they are human beings - with all the failings and shortcomings that go along with that...  They usually do not carry any special degrees and do not have any rare gifts or special powers that give them insight or wisdom or an ability to be deeply discerning and they are most definitely not inocculated with Sodium Pentathol each time they make a speech either... They CAN and OFTEN DO lie!!!  Power Corrupts, this is a simple but well known fact! If we all just begin to use the brain that God gave us to think with and to exercise our ability and right of Free Will (which coincidentally comes with an ability to make discerning decisions) and then Stand Up for what we know is right... We CAN make a difference!! 

I do not even necessarily mean that we will in the end CHANGE the course or direction in which the world is headed in, but we can make a difference in the world around us!!  Because THE TRUTH is like a beacon in the night, guiding ships over turbulent waters... THE TRUTH is like a Fire that refines silver and gold, burning away impurities...  THE TRUTH is a shelter that covers and keeps us warm and dry during a storm...  THE TRUTH is not relative, it is not subjective, it is not wishy washy, it is not based on interpretation... THE TRUTH stands firm on it's own merit and although manipulated at times, it is unchangeable and remains TRUE Forever!!!

THE TRUTH is, at the end of the day, really all we have.... IF we seek it, that is!!

So, seek it out... Find it and then Stand up and shout out proudly and loudly your right to The Truth! 

                                                "UNITED WE STAND 4 TRUTH"


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