Wednesday, July 6, 2011

JUSTICE for Caylee AND Casey Anthony

OK, Friends ~ I realize this will be a wildly UNPOPULAR OPINION, but after seeing the highly charged emotions being played out everywhere today since the jury came back with their verdict, I MUST speak my mind and express what is in my heart about this case and it's outcome...

  • 1. There is absolutely NO joy to be found in the Anthony case - A beautiful child is gone! That loss is profound and is a wrong that can never be "righted", BUT THANK GOD, today has proven there IS still justice in this country!

  • 2. For those of you who believe her mother (solely and with premeditation) murdered her, that she is pure evil and that everyone is her intended victim... You will probably NEVER be able to see anything other than her "guilt" and that she should get the death penalty, so your idea of justice can never be served anyway!!

  • 3.  The smaller group of people that believe Casey just wanted to "have fun" and that her daughter was an inconvenience, but that she didn't want her dead necessarily - but that she died due to something Casey may have done and then she lied to cover up what happened - Keep in mind she has served 3 years which is far longer than most rapists and some murderers get anyway! And if she is released on Thursday, she has nothing anyway to "go home to" anymore and so she has been and will be "punished" for her negligence and selfishness.

  • 4. But those of US (the very few and far between) who happen to believe what Jose Biaz has presented and maintained since the start of trial... That Casey lied, acted "strange", was immature, irresponsible, and self-absorbed, BUT that she was in fact sexually abused by her father for years and grew up lying, denying, pretending, shutting herself off from her feelings and reality and never really learned any kind of coping skills or healthy ways in which to act, react or live her life in general - That she never really had to grow up and behave like an adult and probably doesn't know how AND that George WAS indeed complicit in the death of Caylee - Which WAS an ACCIDENT! That he used that horrible situation to once again manipulate his daughter, secure her loyalty and dependence upon him and get her to comply and above all, KEEP SILENT, by making her feel to blame for Caylee drowning and telling her that her life would be ruined if anyone found out....... We can be relieved that, DESPITE the MASS MEDIA FRENZY and overall "lynching" of the defendant before her day in court, at least 12 people saw that this entire case was contrived and LESS than circumstantial and that JUSTICE TRULY WAS PRESENT in that courtroom (finally) today!!!

Above anything else, the most important thing that we can do as citizens of this great country is to, in every way, stand for and uphold the Constitution of the United States and the ONLY WAY that can be done is if we allow the system to work the way it was intended, not twist it to suit our purposes!  That is what the State of Florida tried to do throughout this entire fiasco...  They asked the jury to accept that Casey Anthony was guilty of killing her own daughter and to therefore make the evidence fit in with that "truth" - And they didn't, they couldn't! They could not convict someone based on opinion, probability, process of elimination, appearance, inappropriate behavior and a "THEORY" that really didn't even make any sense anyway!

THE LAW  is based wholly on fact, on logic and reason and on examining details to get to the truth  -  It is NOT based on emotions and feelings and on appearances!!!  The "Case against Casey" has been built over 3 years based on the tragedy of the death of a beautiful little girl and how that made everybody "FEEL" and how it all "APPEARED" to be! But PLEASE remember this, if we start convicting people and sentencing them to death  based on those things, we are in serious trouble as a society and our Constitution and what it stands for, means nothing!!

I submit to you, WHAT IF...?  

  • What IF George DID molest Casey?

  • What IF he was present when Caylee accidentally drowned and then told his 20 year old, immature daughter that the only thing possible to do is (once again) SHUT UP, pretend this never happened and promised to take care of it to make sure she would not get into the trouble he assured her she would?  

  • What IF George was beginning to sense that her loyalty to him was diminishing and worried that she might indeed say something about the abuse?  

  • What IF he disposed of Caylee's body in a manner that would look like a kidnapping/murder either hoping it would go unsolved OR in a way that could possibly point to Casey if she did end up "telling on him"?  

  • What IF Casey stayed gone for 31 days, partying and lying, etc. because either he advised her to keep a low profile or she could not be there at home where her baby had died, where her mother would be asking too many questions and not "lose it", not break down and tell the truth?

  • What IF she was partying to "NUMB OUT" - to NOT FEEL because it was all just too much to handle?  All of us handle trauma in different ways, but there is no real "normal" when "normal" has not been a part of someone's life anyway!

  • What IF George began to worry about her telling the truth because of being arrested and the pressure being put on her by the cops and couldn't risk anyone finding out about his involvement? (Maybe he moved body?)

  • What IF he then began trying set her up to protect himself? (the report of stolen gas can, duct tape, suicide note,etc) - Don't forget that molestation charge carries a life sentence in Florida, not to mention whatever he would be sentenced to for covering up the death if anyone found out!!!  He is NOT a man that could handle going to prison, of that I am sure!

  • What IF she then finally realized that she was absolutely alone, she had NOBODY and nothing... Her daughter gone, her mom living in denial, her dad cold, phony as hell and throwing her under the bus to save himself? That her whole family life was a "mess" and nobody cared about the truth?   

There are so many WHAT IFS...

But IF that is what happened (SERIOUSLY) how would you act? How would any one of us behave? Well, NONE of US can truthfully say for sure unless we have been there!!  But I can tell you this, I think I would be sitting there in that courtroom "stone cold" too if the only people in the world that I am supposed to be able to count on are THOSE people, when the whole country has convicted me without ANY evidence and everyone thinks I am a "monster"!!  We have no idea what she does when she is alone - She may be crying for Caylee every night alone in her jail cell and we would never know! All these people have been going on and on about her "lack of emotion", well I sure hope they all saw how she showed emotion when the verdict was read and how grateful she looked and NO, it wasn't for the benefit of the jury, because they had already rendered their verdict! 

It just AMAZES me how people can say the things they have been saying... "Oh, poor George...", "Look at that witch, she needs to die..."  "George is the only person in that family that is feeling the loss of Caylee" and on and on and on...  It really is sickening to me -- Poor George!!??  He was a detective - he knows all the ins and outs of a crime or covering up something or making an accident look like a crime and he KNOWS how to lie and look convincing!!!  Why does everyone keep saying he was such a doting grandfather??  How does anyone know that??  There are tons of pictures and video and TESTIMONY that Casey was a wonderful mother, but I have never seen any proof that George was a loving and caring and wonderful grandparent!  Casey lied - most definitely, over and over in the beginning... But George lied over and over on the stand, in his deposition, to his wife, the court about his affair, about everything AND also was non-cooperative in the process too, and IF he did know about Caylee's death from the beginning - he lied to the WHOLE WORLD and for all these years -- But why is it at everyone assumes he is truthful??  Because he WAS a cop?? PLEASE!

I suggest you read the 8 page letter he wrote at the time he was (supposedly) trying to kill himself -- Yeah right! With blood pressure meds and a 6-pack of beer!?  It is ridiculous!  He wrote (with perfect penmanship and spelling by the way) the perfect "sample suicide note", saying just what he "should"...  And it is ALL ABOUT GEORGE!!  He knew how to end his life without all the drama, he was a cop for pity's sake... But no, it ended up just an "attempted suicide" that got him even more media exposure and everyone feeling sorry for "Poor George"!!  WHO DOES THAT ANYWAY?? If he truly believed his granddaughter was missing or had been killed, why would he ever want to cause his beloved family ANY MORE PAIN? Who would be so selfish as to either try or actually do it at a time like that? No matter how much pain you are dealing with , wouldn't you want to be there to help, support and find the "killer"?  It is because he knew what had really happened and once again he manipulated the events to his selfish purposes and tried to get attention and pity!  Just like when he "finally broke down" on the stand -- It started when he was being questioned about the gas can and duct tape and was resisting even answering and when he did it contradicted his prior testimony - He was scrambling! And then made it out like it was grief for "the love of his life" being gone...??!!!  And everyone bought it??!!  WOW!

I hope everyone saw how George and Cindy Anthony immediately got up and left the courtroom with their attorney right after the verdict was read -- Does that not tell you something?  He does NOT care about his daughter and it is NOT because he thinks she is a murderer either -- It is simply because she is of no further use to him and she betrayed him by opening her mouth!!  He is an OPPORTUNIST, who has used this tragic event to feed his ego and manipulate everyone and ensure that he did not get "found out"! He has perpetuated the idea of his own daughter being guilty of causing the death of his granddaughter to save his own butt and be sure that nobody would ever believe her allegations about him! Has was NOT calling her a "LIAR" or making her look like a horrible person before the trial started, so why did his story and attitude change?  I believe it was not because they alleged he molested her and knew about Caylee and he was "hurt" by that, but it was because IT WAS ALL TRUE!!  Any parent knows that you love your children NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO... You may hate what they have done, you may not condone their actions, you may be angry and hurt, but you still love them and try to support them!  Even if (you think) they are a MURDERER!

I hope everyone also saw how the jury (all 12 of them collectively) REFUSED UNEQUIVOCALLY to speak to the media about their decision!!!  BRAVO!!!! I am thrilled that the members of the jury refused to give credibility to the same people who have distorted the facts and misrepresented this situation according to their own opinions and bias and subsequently caused a whole country to HATE a woman they know nothing about! The media and the general public have NO BUSINESS IN THE COURTROOMS!  Have we not learned this!  We have become a society of voyeurs it seems and thrive on living through the drama of other people's lives from the safety of our living rooms, but we are NOT attorneys, most of us - We do not get the whole picture no matter how many hours we may watch the events play out on T.V. - We do not have the training, experience or ability to judge a situation such as this case objectively and from a legal aspect most certainly, so maybe we should leave that job to the professionals instead of playing "arm chair attorney/judge/jury" and letting emotions convince us of things that are not proven!

Some of you may agree with me, most of you will not -- But regardless of our differences of opinions or lack of, know that I respect and understand why you all believe the way you do -- I am just hoping you can accept that there are other ways to look at this situation and since none of us KNOW FOR SURE, we cannot let our emotions run out of control!

I am not saying that Casey is a great person, OR that I think she is THE victim, OR that her actions are justified by any means!!  I am only pointing out that there is so much more to this than meets the eye and that if we are going to appoint ourselves as qualified to judge a situation, we should at least take in all the info and not just blindly accept what is "spoon-fed" to us by the media and T.V. personalities!  And just because someone behaves in a way we deem inappropriate, we cannot label them as GUILTY (especially of a capital crime) and wish for their death!

I, for one, HOPE and pray that somehow the truth will come out and can be proven and if by chance it does, maybe in some small way it brings closure and resolution for those involved and for Caylee!  Unfortunately that may never happen, but for now we must accept that our Judicial system worked exactly the way in which was intended today and that is a huge victory for us as Americans living in the only true FREE Republic in the world - It is what ensures we all are indeed FREE!!

"Jus' my opinion"... :)

~ Bren ~

R.I.P.  Caylee Marie Anthony

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